[Mac OS X TeX] Strange TeXShop image behavior (?)

Neal Parikh npparikh at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 22 00:01:57 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>I use OmniGraffle (http://www.omnigroup.com) to create diagrams for use 
in my LaTeX documents, and I've noticed some very odd behavior in 
TeXShop when I try to get them embedded.

First of all, if I export the image to PDF, using:


won't work if figure1.pdf is in the same folder for some reason.  I 
imagine this is because it requires that the EPS file also be there, but 
I'm not sure.  As a result, I have to export the diagram to TIFF, then 
use ImageMagick to convert to EPS, and then use epstopdf to make my 
PDF.  *Then* \includegraphics{} works.

However, when I print out the document, the image is really fuzzy.  The 
image is *not* fuzzy when I print from OmniGraffle, and the image is 
*not* fuzzy when I print the exported TIFF or PDF file.  If I import the 
PDF image into Microsoft Word X, for example, it prints out fine.  In 
TeXShop, it becomes fuzzy, and it seems to become even fuzzier when I 
center it using the following code:


Any ideas? Most frustrating... =)


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