[Mac OS X TeX] problem with new teTeX

Gary L. Gray gray at lpcm.esm.psu.edu
Sat Oct 27 15:30:37 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>On 10/26/2001 at 11:24 PM +0200, Gerben Wierda wrote:

>An updated teTeX.dmg can be found on:
>	ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/comp/macosx/tex-gs/teTeX.dmg

Gerben (and anyone else who might help),

I have installed he new teTeX and have run into a strange, but 
serious, problem.

I have been typesetting using pdftex ever since I first installed 
TeXShop + pdftex. In doing so, when including figures I have been 
using the graphicx package and PDF figures. When saving PDF files out 
of Illustrator, the image is saved on a full page so I have to open 
the figure in a text editor (BBEdit) to determine the bounding box. 
After doing this, I have been including the figures using a commands 


\includegraphics[viewport=147 318 388 396]{figurename}

where the numbers 136 326 478 618 are extracted from the the PDF file 
>from the line:

%%BoundingBox: 147 318 388 396

[Aside: I initially tried using bb=136 326 478 618 as the option to 
\includegraphics, but LaTeX substituted viewport, so I just started 
using viewport. This is also odd.]

The problem is this: the dozens documents of files that used to work 
perfectly when I used the above procedure no longer work since 
installing the new teTeX. It looks like the figures are being 
included, but I am seeing, at best, only a small part of the image 
itself. Usually, I see nothing. It is as if LaTeX is ignoring the 
viewport setting I am giving it.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior with the new teTeX? What can I do 
to fix this new problem? Help!!! :-(

Best regards,

    Gary L. Gray
    Associate Professor
    Engineering Science & Mechanics
    Penn State University
    (814) 863-1778

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