[Mac OS X TeX] Re: can i make references invisible?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed Jan 23 22:41:03 EST 2002

>Thanks to all who responded - great group.
>1. pdfpages.sty is a winner. i got an error msg that i had to use pdflatex
>when i hit 'latex' on the 'dummy' file.tex in texshop so i ran pdflatex
>from the cli. no problem but i wonder why - i have pdflatex as default
>latex in texshop preferences.
>2. print selected pages to pdf - i have no idea why but in the resulting
>pdf italicized text is so light as to be almost invisible.
>3. haven't tried texexec, except to verify that I have it, which i didn't
>know. i'm sure not afraid of the cli, have been a unixer all my life and
>only migrated my lab to macs when mac became 'the most widely distributed
>form of unix'.
>4. also tried 'pagesel.sty' and 'selectp.sty' but when the reference pages
>are not 'selected' then reference numbers do not show up in the pages that
>are selected.
>the pdfpages method doesn't lead to a dvi file. is there any way to do this
>and get a dvi? a friend of mine told me he edited the dvi - is tht

The are two utilities, dviselect and psselect, which can extract pages from dvi and Postscript files respectively. The source code for the utilities is available from CTAN. These utilities have been around for quite a while and the pdfpages package extends this facility to PDF documents.


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