[Mac OS X TeX] Spelling, etc

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Fri Jan 18 01:01:35 EST 2002


This may be known to everyone, or it may not---but all the talk about 
Excalibur makes me think it is not.

TeXShop users do not really need Excalibur, provided they have an 
internet connection. Install Omnidictionary and it appears in the 
Services Menu of applicable apps. Simply choose the word, go to the 
services menu and call up the dictionary. Spell-checker of a kind, as 
much as any dictionary is! (If Excalibur is going to be adapted maybe it 
should work in the same kind of way---that is, through the services 

My two cents worth on the discussion of what is really Mac-like: OpenDoc 
was never the Mac way, rather it was the NeXt way. That it is a superior 
way of going I don't doubt, and the more services we get the better, in 
my view. But it is wrong to pretend that the Mac in the past  has been 
anything other than an operating system for large, clunky, 
Microsoft-style mega-programs. OSX has been our doorway out of that 
expensive prison.

Adrian Heathcote

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