[Mac OS X TeX] Figures and pdftex (repost with correct subject)

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Fri Jan 18 00:45:11 EST 2002

A simple question (I think).  When I was using OzTeX, when I wanted to 
include a figure caption I just used the figure environment and defined 
the caption with \cation{here is a caption}. This worked well.  The font 
size and margin were reduced clearly distinguishing the caption from the 
text body.  Now with TeXShop and pdftex, I find that the same 
combination results in a  larger font than in the body of the text.  The 
caption also spans from one side of the paper to the other ignoring 
margin settings.  What is the "correct" way to go about introducing a 
figure, e.g. before I typed something like

\caption{this is the caption}

I am now using a pdf file instead of an eps file, but other than that 
the format I am using is the same resulting in the unacceptable 
caption.  Does anyone out there have an suggestions?  Thanks.

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