[Mac OS X TeX] TeX Implementations (From "Role of TeXShop" Thread)

Alexandre Enkerli aenkerli at indiana.edu
Thu Jan 17 23:46:33 EST 2002

Disclaimer: I'm still very much a (La)TeX newbie and I don't even use it 
much yet. I'm basically testing out the possibilities.

Well, the discussion on the role of TeXShop is rather interesting.

Now, let's briefly review what we have (or will have RSN):
-OS9 solutions (that apparently work in Classic)
-teTeX (which can be used by itself)
-teTeX front-ends and wrappers
-native Mac shareware implementations
-commercial programs (Scientific Assistant and soon TeXtures)
-OSX native editors (BBEdit, Pepper, numerous sharewares...)
-native Acrobat Reader
-native PDF support
-ported Unix programs (Emacs in Aqua, command-line/terminal tools...)
-ported X programs (LyX, xdvi...)

What's more, almost all of these integrate fairly well together. There's 
surely something for everyone although the perfect solution might not be 
the same for all users.

So far, I've been pretty impressed with TeXShop as it really is 
seamless. I'd say it really does the job it's billed to do, helping 
newbies cope with TeX. True, it could use customization (including key 
bindings) and its editor doesn't compete with BBEdit or Alpha 
feature-wise (but integrates more standard OSX features). Still, TeXShop 
is a dream come true for some of us.
Maybe there could be a dedicated mailing-list for TeXShop feature 

At any rate, IMHO, "TeX on Mac OS X" is in a very nice position.
Alexandre Enkerli
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Indiana University

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