[Mac OS X TeX] how to embed movies in a presentation?

Guido Mocken mocken at uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jan 10 11:10:28 EST 2002

I would like to create a presentation using LaTeX and the "prosper"
package. I'm using tetex, dvips and finally ps2pdf to create a PDF that
is suitable for Acrobat Reader. Now, I want couple of quicktime movies
to appear on some of the slides.

Browsing through Adobe's PDF-Reference, the web, several newsgroups, and
other forums, I have found the following piece of code - which *almost*
does the trick:

/Type /Annot
/Subtype /Movie
/Rect [ 200 600 440 790 ]
<< /F (My_Movie.mov) /Aspect [ 190 240 ] /Poster true /Rotate 0 >>
<< /ShowControls true /Volume 0.1 /Mode /Once /Rate 1.0 >>
/ANN pdfmark

The only problem with this code is that all my movies appear on the
very first slide - not on the pages where they are supposed to be.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to correct for that?
(I know a working solution for pdftex - "\pdfannot"-  but unfortunately, 
I cannot use
pdftex in this case, because the "prosper" package does not work in 


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