[Mac OS X TeX] pybliographer

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 17 12:38:52 EST 2002

>During a past discussion about bibliographies pybliographer was 
>mentioned.  Has anyone gotten it to compile on OS X.  Generally 
>speaking is there anything in the configure and make files I could 
>check for to see why it isn't compiling on OS X?  Thanks!
>Gina Wilson
>Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering
>University of Michigan
>ginaw at engin.umich.edu

Heinrich Giesen has done some work to bring Bibliography.app to Mac 
OS X.  You can download his handiwork at 
(200 KB)

This probably only counts as an alpha version, but you can see where 
it's going and send him comments at heinrich.giesen at t-online.de


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