[Mac OS X TeX] Re: The role of TeXShop

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Jan 21 08:21:38 EST 2002

Vokey said:
>1.  The current spell-checker borders on useless as it doesn't
>understand TeX or Latex commands.

As I recall, there was a .pkg which installed an additional dictionary
which facilitated this (or maybe I'm thinking of the ispell integration
as Service .app)---I'll have to check on my Cube at home (been a while
since I set this up)

Integration of Excalibur as a Service should come from Apple---Excalibur
does publish itself as a spelling facility for Carbon/Classic apps which
adhere to that spec. I've said before, and will repeat: Apple should
integrate all Service like things (NeXT-style Services, afore-mentioned
word facility, contextual menu items) and make them coeval.

I'll pass on 2.

>BTW, I really don't care (and I can't believe the amount of
>discussion this issue has provoked!) what set of keys are mapped
>to  moving through the file in the .pdf viewer of TeXShop *as
>long as some set is*.

I can't believe Apple has taken away NeXT's ability to re-map menu
shortcut keys using the interface in Preference.app so that such things
are moot.

/rant on
For want of that, I guess every application developer in the world is
going to ``solve'' this problem in their own way using their own
interface and by rolling their own code.
/rant off


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