[Mac OS X TeX] Re: The role of TeXShop

Ullrich Steiner u.steiner at chem.rug.nl
Mon Jan 21 08:59:36 EST 2002

On Saturday, January 19, 2002, at 09:54 , John Vokey wrote:

> 1.  The current spell-checker borders on useless as it doesn't 
> understand TeX or Latex commands.  Modifying Excalibur to function as 
> an OS X "service" app would go a long way to solving this problem, not 
> to mention allowing for use of all those wonderful Excalibur 
> dictionaries that have been created (such as my "Canadianised" version 
> of the British Dictionary that I use daily).  (And no, I have no idea 
> how one would do that.)

Try ObjectfarmSpell; 
which is based on ispell. It integrates seamlessly into apple's spelling 

Version 0.92 comes with British and American English dictionaries and 
allows to install own dictionaries (don't know if they have Canadian, 
though).  This version of ObjectFarmSpell does filter out LaTex 
commands, but since this feature is built into ispell, it is just a 
question of getting it activated.  I have written to one of the 
ObjectFarmSpell developers and he promised to look into this.  Maybe a 
few more e-mails requesting this feature will help... 
(mailto:stefan at objectfarm.org) .

Ulli Steiner

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