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William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Jan 29 10:22:10 EST 2002

MM said:
>>I really think that the  Dock needs to be over on the
>>RHS -- it will cover the disk icons but they shouldn't be on the
>>desktop anyway ;-)

The Dock being on the right was a non-starter 'cause that was where
NeXTstep had it, and it'd interfere with the disk icons for those
traditionally-oriented Mac users who'd have their disk icons on the
desktop preference turned on.

JG said:
>We're painfully aware of the conflict between the <ack-pfffftht!>
>Dock and Alpha's status bar.

Other Mac OS 9- apps are better behaved in this regard---FreeHand for
example allows one to have its info window as either a palette, or a bar
which can be docked to whichever screenedge is desired.

>Dock-right-pin-start, with icons set
>near minimum doesn't obscure the God-given desktop icons or conflict
>with Alpha's status bar.

If the app was coded so as to be Dock-savvy and to not position elements
in areas of the screen controlled by other UI elements this wouldn't be
an issue at all.

<snip> ad hominem

>We're well aware that reconfiguring the Dock like this won't be
>acceptable to everybody; AlphaX already makes some limited attempts
>to accomodate the Dock and we'll have a better solution by release
>(actually, I hope to have a better solution by the end of the week).

Glad to hear it.

>We'll leave forcing dubious user interface elements down people's
>throats to the folks in Cupertino.

As opposed to having forced the formerly hard-coded placement? Overall
the Dock has been quite well-received, and is configurable enough that
that allegation scarcely warrants that sort of vehemence.

(who mislikes apps like WordPerfect and MS Word mandating a particular
location for a UI element)

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