[Mac OS X TeX] alpha X piccies

mark d smith markds at mac.com
Tue Jan 29 10:52:15 EST 2002

William Adams wrote:

> MM said:
>>> I really think that the  Dock needs to be over on the
>>> RHS -- it will cover the disk icons but they shouldn't be on the
>>> desktop anyway ;-)
> The Dock being on the right was a non-starter 'cause that was where
> NeXTstep had it, and it'd interfere with the disk icons for those
> traditionally-oriented Mac users who'd have their disk icons on the
> desktop preference turned on.

As of (cough) recently (maybe 10.1 or 10.1.2 ?) the finder "pushes" 
desktop icons over to the left if you have the dock on the right. At 
least, it does for me. There, they do not interfere with the dock 
anymore, but if you have wide windows open, they can get obscured. 

Maybe if Apple makes a similar mod for a LHS dock, that is, that new 
windows get opened slightly to the right of the dock, that might OK. 

In the meantime, the solution is probably to kick your icons off the 
desktop ;-| 


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