[Mac OS X TeX] Updated dvi and postscript previewers

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed Jan 16 22:51:08 EST 2002

The dvi and postscript previewers I released earlier this month have been updated. The previewers are now called MacDviX and MacGhostViewX. The installation procedure for these programs has been greatly simplified. Installation is as simple as moving a folder to /Applications or any other folder. It is no longer necessary to add any files to your home directory or to any texmf tree.

MacDviX can search up to three separate texmf trees for tfm and vf files and the user can choose any folder in which to store automatically generated pk fonts. MacGhostViewX contains the minimal ghostscript 7.00 support files that it needs so it will run with ghostscript 6.01 or later. These updates fix all problems reported with the original release.

In addition to these programs I am releasing TeXShell, a GUI to teTeX which is quite different than either TeXShop or TeXPalette. All of these programs, as well as my teTeX plug-ins for BBEdit, can be downloaded from the OS X section
of http://www.kiffe.com/cmactex.html. 

Individual links to each of the programs are
http://www.kiffe.com/tex/programs/macdvix.sit.bin (270 K)
http://www.kiffe.com/tex/programs/macghostviewx.sit.bin (1.5 MB)
http://www.kiffe.com/tex/programs/texshell.sit.bin (160 K)

Please note that these are Carbon programs, require a HFS+ file system, and the programs have been tested only under OS 10.1.2.


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