[Mac OS X TeX] Updated dvi and postscript previewers

Vinayak Vatsal vatsal at math.ubc.ca
Mon Jan 21 06:03:13 EST 2002


I have a few questions about the many (useful!) GUI tools you've released 
for teTeX.

i) Can MacGhostView X be called as a PDF viewer by your BBEdit tools? It 
would be nice to have a PDF viewer that automatically recoginzes that a 
file has been changed on the disk.

ii) Can your BBEdit Tool be made to cancel the TeX run if x is pressed at 
an error? As is, it continues with the run, and produces a PDF file, which 
then has to be closed by hand.

iii) What is the licensing policy for all of these things? Your site 
doesn't really say. I wanted to use macps2pdf, but didn't feel like paying 
$20 for that alone, so I deleted it. On the other hand, if a license covers 
all of these various tools, I'd be inclined to change my mind.


Vinayak Vatsal
Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

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