[Mac OS X TeX] The role of TeXShop

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Jan 15 11:49:39 EST 2002

mikeyg said:
>Here here to the above!  It is important that developers (in support
>of OpenDoc) see that the users want this style of software
>development - integration.  Keep up the good work.

Uh, is there anything left of OpenDoc in Mac OS X?

FWIW, I've always found NeXT apps to be much leaner / focused than
(typical) Mac applications. (I don't consider Alpha or BBEdit to be
typical / representative of (contemporary, mainstream) Mac applications
(i.e. stuff by large corporations, e.g. MS Word, Adobe Illustrator,
Macromedia DreamWeaver)).

I'd also like to note that one can see a hint of NeXTstep-style
inter-application operation in Gerben Wierda's nifty TeX Service.app
utility---and unlike OpenDoc, commercial third-party developers were
willing to create programs which supported and provided Services 'cause
it wasn't felt that they'd cannibalize the market as people rolled
custom solutions piecemeal.

(who liked the concept of OpenDoc and QuickDraw/GX and was sad to see
them go away, and who needs to find the time to get back to working in
Mac OS X but needs to finish working on the figures and tables for a
four volume encyclopaedia)

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