[Mac OS X TeX] TeXPalette

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 17 12:51:13 EST 2002

At 11:13 PM +1030 1/12/02, Michael Murray wrote:
>People might like to check out TeXPalette -- its on 
>www.versiontracker.com -- its provides
>a floating palette with buttons for TeX, BibTeX etc. It assumes you 
>have a unix TeX install
>on your mac. It doesn't handle errors and opening your editor 
>automatically unless I am
>missing something.  I think this limits its usefulness for me.
>Its $7 shareware.

It's web page is <http://homepage.mac.com/johnj1/software/texpalette.html>.

I think this is an interesting, minimalist approach.  I'm a little 
concerned about it being made with REALbasic, but I like the concept: 
reduce all of the TeX commands to a little palette, let the text 
editor handle text, and let the PDF viewer handling viewing.  On the 
other hand, TeXShop is a good, free, (La)TeX editor for me and it 
does this stuff already, so I'm sticking with TeXShop

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