[Mac OS X TeX] Dvi and postscript previewers

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Tue Jan 1 03:33:36 EST 2002

The dvi and postscript previewers, MacDvi and MacGhostView, are now 
available as programs which fully integrate with teTeX and ghostscript. 
In fact, they require that teTeX and ghostscript 6.01 or later be installed. Macdvi will use the teTeX texmf tree to load tfm, vf, and pk files and 
will call mktexpk for the automatic generation of pk fonts. MacGhostView 
will call gs to do any necessary file conversions. Included with these 
two programs is a new version of CMacTeX. This version calls the tex, 
pdftex, dvips, gs, etc, binaries distributed with teTeX to do file 
conversions. It is basically a shell program that gives the user a 
graphical interface to TeX which is quite different than TeXShop. 
The whole package is only 1.5 MB and can be downloaded from http://www.kiffe.com/tex/programs/misc-tex.sit.bin. Installation
instructions are included. The programs have been tested only under
OS 10.1.2.

These antiquated Carbon programs require a HFS+ file system and will be 
of no interest to NeXT and unix purists. Neither MacDvi nor 
MacGhostView require the X Window System. Besides displaying postscript
files, MacGhostView can perform such obsolete tasks as adding a PICT 
preview to an eps file and saving a postscript page as a PICT image. 
MacDvi can use the Postscript versions of the CM and AMS fonts for 
previewing on OS X just as similar programs used these fonts on 
OS 8 and 9 with Adobe Type Manager. 

Happy New Year,


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