[Mac OS X TeX] Dvi and postscript previewers

Enrico Franconi franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Jan 2 04:34:05 EST 2002

Great job! However:

1) I'd rather not to create a bin/ directory in my home directory.
   Moreover, my PATH variable already includes the paths where the tex
   binaries and my binaries are. Why not using that? Can I ignore your
   *.scripts files?
2) The structure of my texmf directories is complex (it is the one
   from the latest tetex distibution from fink), and I dont want to
   change it:
   How am I supposed to set the main and the local folders? And, of
   course, I'd rather not create a ~/Library/texmf folder.
3) I'd like to use the default paths of tetex for the generated PK
   fonts, not necessarily the /Users/Shared path. And in general: is
   it possible to reuse ALL the paths I have set for tetex by default?

So, in general my questions are related to the possibility to use
cmactex as a real shell on top of general tetex distribution, without
creating anything ad-hoc.

-- e.

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