[Mac OS X TeX] Re: OzTeX 5.0b7 -- yet another teTeX/gs shell :)

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Tue Jan 22 06:37:43 EST 2002

Hemant K. Bhargava wrote:

> One thing that will concern most potential users (And current users of
> TeXshop/tetex) is how they can run OzTeX while maintaining their existing
> file structure for packages, bib files, eps/pdf files, etc. Can you suggest
> a good solution for this?

I'm not sure I fully understand the question, but I'll have a stab at
answering it.  Both OzTeX and teTeX allow you to customize the search
paths for various types of input files, so it should be possible to:

1. Add your existing OzTeX search paths to teTeX's search paths.


2. Add teTeX's search paths to OzTeX's search paths.  This could be
quite messy given that teTeX's file searching scheme is a lot more
complicated than OzTeX's, but there are a couple of new features
in 5.0 that should help; eg. OzTeX now supports recursive
subfolder expansion using entries of the form ":blah:#".
See the Changes file in the beta release.

But I really can't see too many people needing to do step 2.
These sort of issues will be discussed in a new section of the
OzTeX User Guide which I've just started to update.

Note that even though you can now call teTeX programs from within
OzTeX you are still really dealing with two separate TeX systems.
I do have some ideas that should improve the integration of teTeX
into OzTeX (eg. I might provide a way of doing step 1 automatically),
but I'd rather wait a couple of weeks or so and let people try out
the current version.  Hopefully I'll get some feedback on how it
could be improved.


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