[Mac OS X TeX] Kerning problem w/ Illustrator figures

Todd Hufnagel hufnagel at jhu.edu
Tue Jan 22 15:04:26 EST 2002


I am having some difficulty including figures from Illustrator 10.0 
into LaTeX documents typeset with TeXShop. The symptom is that the 
font kerning in the figures is bad in the typeset documents, with 
extra space inserted into some (but, oddly, not all) of the text 
strings. The fonts in question are ordinary Mac fonts (Arial, etc.) 
not the Computer Modern fonts.

If I save the figures from Illustrator as EPS files, I get the poor 
kerning behavior whether I typeset using Pdftex or TeX+Ghostscript. 
If I save PDF files directly from Illustrator, the kerning is fine 
but then the figures in the typeset document occupy a whole page, 
rather than being cropped to the size occupied only by the figure 

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem, or a work around, would 
be appreciated.



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