[Mac OS X TeX] PDF conversion (encore)

Vinayak Vatsal vatsal at math.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 30 06:18:57 EST 2002


I'm having a hard time printing a .dvi file somebody sent me. I have tried 
to make the conversion dvi --> pdf many different ways (command line, 
TeXShop, MacDviX, MacGhostviewX) but none of them work. The best I have 
managed is to get a file which displays okay in Reader, but doesn't print 
properly -- some fonts (but not all) get substituted with Courier. The ones 
that are left out are from the standard CM/AMS family.

I'm not sure what's up. As far as I can tell, some fonts are not getting 
properly embedded. (Perhaps because the bsr fonts are incomplete?) The same 
thing happens if I use dvips --> ps --> pdf on my own tex files. In this 
situation, it seems that pdflatex works fine.

If anybody can help me diagnose this, I'd be very grateful. I understand 
that pdf(la)tex is the preferred method for generating pdf, but sometimes 
one gets dvi files from other people, and it would be nice to have the 
other method working as well.

Thanks in advance.

Vinayak Vatsal
Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

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