[Mac OS X TeX] Re: can i make references invisible?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed Jan 23 22:40:51 EST 2002

>> Thanks to all who responded - great group.
>> 1. pdfpages.sty is a winner. i got an error msg that i had to use pdflatex
>> when i hit 'latex' on the 'dummy' file.tex in texshop so i ran pdflatex
>> from the cli. no problem but i wonder why - i have pdflatex as default
>> latex in texshop preferences.
>> the pdfpages method doesn't lead to a dvi file. is there any way to do this
>> and get a dvi? a friend of mine told me he edited the dvi - is tht
>> possible?
>pdfpages only works with pdfTeX (or rather, pdflatex).
>This is because it uses a feature of the  \includegraphics  command
>that is *only* implemented in pdfTeX:
>  \includegraphics[page=<num>]{<filename>}
>This extracts page <num> from  <filename>.pdf  as a single PDF "image".
>In fact, a PDF document is a tree of data and resources, so pdfTeX has
>to extract the complete sub-tree from <filename>.pdf which is needed to
>generate the desired page. 
>When extracing multiple pages from a single <filename> the resources
>(such as fonts, background images, etc) are shared. Indeed fonts can
>be shared with the document that the images are being imported into.
>So far as I'm aware, the  page=...  option for \includegraphics
>is not implemented in any other TeX installation.
>(There's a challenge for Barry Smith, Thomas Kiffe and Andrew Trevorrow !)
>Hope this helps,
>	Ross Moore

This option is supported in any pdftex program. Since CMacTeX has included pdftex since verion 0.12h of pdftex, it does support this option. CMacTeX users have been able to run pdftex in Mac OS 8 and 9 for years now.

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