[Mac OS X TeX] Euros in TeX (erratum)

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Jan 4 03:44:14 EST 2002

Silly me! That's what it takes for not reading documentation closely 
enough! At least two things were erroneous or missing in my posting of 

- For those wishing to use Adobe's euro fonts with TeXShop, there's no 
need to convert LWFN fonts to PFB format. Just download the Windows 
version from Adobe's ftp site, in pub/adobe/type/win/all/: it's a 
self-extracting ZIP archive eurofont.exe, which may be extracted on your 
Mac by either the freeware StuffIt Expander or shareware ZipIt. It 
contains the PFB fonts (you still have to rename them though).

- Support files for using Adobe's euro fonts with Textures are also 
available, from CTAN as a StuffIt archive EuroDefs.sit in 
systems/mac/textures/contrib/IdealFonts/. You still have to download the 
fonts from Adobe's ftp site, as the self-extracting StuffIt archive 
eurofont.sea in pub/adobe/type/mac/all/.

This was all very clearly stated in the documentation of the eurofont 
package, which seems definitely worth reading.

Bruno Voisin

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