[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.14

Joachim Kock kock at math.unice.fr
Mon Jan 28 22:11:59 EST 2002

Adrian wrote:

>  > Great work to everyone involved!
>Seconded! What a terrific program this is! The need for an external
>editor diminishes daily.

Great!  TeXShop is growing up and is becoming an even nicer programme for
the beginner or for the casual tex'cker.  The new panel is very pretty.

However, there is a very long way before the need for an external editor is

...  It would be great if the insertion point could be before the closing
brace and that after you typed what you wanted the cursor would hop to
after the brace, it would be nice if when you typed the programme would
guess what you wanted!  and it would be nice if you could comment a line
even if you are at its beginning --- there are so incredibly many things to
think about: somebody has to get the idea, somebody has to implement it in
C, others must point out shortcomings which then must be ironed out (by the
developers: a new release)...  It's a long process.

But all this has already been accomplished!  For many years emacs and alpha
programmers have finetuned their latex modes: tons of features already
exist and they are easy to modify and adjust since they live in lisp or tcl
libraries everybody can read and write.  If you have never typed in alpha
or emacs you can't imagine how powerful it is, and once you get used to it
you can't imagine typing tex in any other editor.  (Interactive templates,
dots that automatically translate into \ldots, double click on a \ref and
hop to its \label, type \cite{Kn and a mechanism looks it up in you bibtex
file and expands, automatic indentation according to the tex syntax,
typeset only the selection (or the clipboard), and so on --- not to mention
plain editing actions with their keyboard shortcuts, like upcase word, join
line, jump to next sentence, format region, etc...)

It would be so cool if all this power could interact with the power of
TeXShop.  The first point of contact could be if TeXShop could tex a file
without opening it in its own editor.  (The command line version of tex
can do that.)

Best, Joachim.

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