[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.14

Ingo Reich ingo.reich at uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Jan 29 03:45:45 EST 2002

Am Dienstag den, 29. Januar 2002, um 04:11, schrieb Joachim Kock:

> Adrian wrote:
>>  > Great work to everyone involved!
>> Seconded! What a terrific program this is! The need for an external
>> editor diminishes daily.
> Great!  TeXShop is growing up and is becoming an even nicer programme 
> for
> the beginner or for the casual tex'cker.  The new panel is very pretty.
> However, there is a very long way before the need for an external 
> editor is
> eliminated...
> ...  It would be great if the insertion point could be before the 
> closing
> brace and that after you typed what you wanted the cursor would hop to
> after the brace, it would be nice if when you typed the programme would
> guess what you wanted!  and it would be nice if you could comment a line
> even if you are at its beginning --- there are so incredibly many 
> things to
> think about: somebody has to get the idea, somebody has to implement it 
> in
> C, others must point out shortcomings which then must be ironed out (by 
> the
> developers: a new release)...  It's a long process.
> But all this has already been accomplished!  For many years emacs and 
> alpha
> programmers have finetuned their latex modes: tons of features already
> exist and they are easy to modify and adjust since they live in lisp or 
> tcl
> libraries everybody can read and write.  If you have never typed in 
> alpha
> or emacs you can't imagine how powerful it is, and once you get used to 
> it
> you can't imagine typing tex in any other editor.  (Interactive 
> templates,
> dots that automatically translate into \ldots, double click on a \ref 
> and
> hop to its \label, type \cite{Kn and a mechanism looks it up in you 
> bibtex
> file and expands, automatic indentation according to the tex syntax,
> typeset only the selection (or the clipboard), and so on --- not to 
> mention
> plain editing actions with their keyboard shortcuts, like upcase word, 
> join
> line, jump to next sentence, format region, etc...)
> It would be so cool if all this power could interact with the power of
> TeXShop.  The first point of contact could be if TeXShop could tex a 
> file
> without opening it in its own editor.  (The command line version of tex
> can do that.)

Actually, this is already a feature of the beta version of TeXShop 2.0, 
<http://www.u-bourgogne.fr/monge/j.laurens/TeXShop-beta>. Unfortunately, 
it isn't yet possible to typeset the document from within your external 
editor (say BBEdit), i.e., you first have to switch to the TeXShop 
application (e.g. via an apple script that I mentioned in a previous 
posting) and tex from within TeXShop -- at least I don't know how to do 


> Best, Joachim.
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