[Mac OS X TeX] Excalibur and TeXShop '.tex' files

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Mon Jan 14 19:31:11 EST 2002

>There is a bug in TeXShop where it only sets the file type to 'TEXT'
>the first time it saves a file.  Subsequent saves clear the file type,
>and Excalibur can't recognize them as text files thereafer.
>Likewise, for a Mac OS X native application such as Excalibur to be
>dependent on file type metadata is a bad idea, especially when there's
>a common file extension present (.tex).  This should be reported as a
>bug in Excalibur.
>You can use a utility such as File Buddy or Super Get Info, or
>/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t 'TEXT' <filename> from the command line to
>set the file type to 'TEXT' and it should work.

I'm aware of the problem and I will fix it.  I just haven't been able
to find the time yet.

Apple's policy on file types vs. extensions still isn't clear to me.
Will they be abandoning file types entirely?  Here's how I think I
will change it.  Excalibur will open a file if it is type 'TEXT' or if
the file extension is .tex, ltx, or .txt.  Does that seem right?
Should I be checking for other extensions?


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