basic GhostScript background (was Re: [Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop PDF Printing)

William Adams wadams at
Wed Jan 30 14:07:34 EST 2002

GhostScript is an opensource PostScript clone which typically runs on a
desktop computer system---it's one of the typesetting alternatives in
TeXShop (instead of using pdfTeX directly, make PostScript and then use
GhostScript to convert that to .pdf). is the canonical site if memory serves (whatever it is, it
was the ``I'm feeling lucky'' hit on for ``GhostScript''.

We use it here at work on our NT Server to share an HP DeskJet 1220c
'cause Adobe PressReady won't work over the network to share the printer

One could configure it in Mac OS X so as to provide PostScript
capabilities (this isn't the major issue it once was since inkjet
printer drivers are much more capable than they were, save in things
relating to commercial printing) to non-PS printers (see the man pages
for lpr and your printcap entry, etc., as well as the docs for
GhostScript at the afore-mentioned website).


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