[OS X TeX] exerquiz

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Jun 15 19:26:10 EDT 2002

Mystery solved...

> Yes; when I tried this under MacOS X, it was \footnotesize
> that gave looping/crashing/memory-overflow problem.
> There were other problems too -- apart from the lack of images,
> to be able to reproduce the complete document.
> > it was OK without the first \footnotesize.
> > but now it is ok with the complete text.
> > ??????
> I get that that piece of text is completely missing:
> {(Pour remettre ___ 0 les scores, cliquez sur d__but)}
> As yet, I've no explanation for this.

The problem is one of line-endings in  exerquiz.sty .

After converting the ^M endings to unix \n 
so that this file is readable in terminal window programs.
There was a definition:


which should be:


otherwise the #2 parameter picks up everything to the end of the line,
rather than just a the single {...} group, as is clearly the intention.
(Other macro-definitions may be similarly affected, with extra newlines.)

With this fixed, the premature expansion of \footnotesize  is also fixed,
and so is:
>  2.  The JavaScript for the quiz solutions doesn't work, on pages 3 and 4.
>      (It's fine on later pages.)

All the JavaScript now works as intended, on these and all other pages.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore
> > best regards
> > Marie-Claude David
> > 

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