[OS X TeX] exerquiz

Marie-Claude David Marie-Claude.David at math.u-psud.fr
Mon Jun 17 04:17:17 EDT 2002

Hello Ross,

>>  There is no problem with accented letters.
>>  Perhaps with \footnotesize.
>Yes; when I tried this under MacOS X, it was \footnotesize
>that gave looping/crashing/memory-overflow problem.

I have no more problem with the \footnotesize and I get the text

{(Pour remettre \`a 0 les scores, cliquez sur d\'ebut)}

>There were other problems too -- apart from the lack of images,
>to be able to reproduce the complete document.

the quiz is correct if you open it with acrobat.

>  >
>>  the last problem is the button for "r_ponses correctes" (see
>This is due to an error in  eqfr.def
>\renewcommand\eq at local@CA{%
>     R\texorpdfstring{\'e}{\string\351}ponses}
>                        ^----------------------- was missing

bravo !

>Another error that I encountered was in reading the .toc file,
>which looks like:
>[go:~/Documents/THALES] rossmoor% more *.toc
>\select at language {french}
>\contentsline {section}{\numberline {1}Aire d'un triangle}{2}{section.1}
>\contentsline {section}{\numberline {2} Cas particulier, toutes les 
>mesures sont connues}{3}{sec
>\select at language {english}
>\select at language {french}
>  ... and more of similar commands ...
>Unfortunately, the \catcode of @ has not been adjusted appropriately,
>when this file is read, so that 1st line fails, as:  \select 
>@language {french}

I had this problem too. As my table of contents is long, I don't use paneltoc
\tableofcontents \hypertarget{contents}{}
as in "pythagore" (an other exemple on melusine).

>An easy fix is to put:
>    \addtocontents {toc}{\xstring \makeatletter}
>immediately before the  \begin{document}  command.
>However, I think that the best fix belongs elsewhere, perhaps within
>  pdfscreen.sty , else this problem will be present in other documents too.

good idea

>Then there are 2 other problems, that I experience:
>  1.  within TeXShop (which uses the Preview application, Mac OS X) 
>the document
>      preview is of 14 blank pages.
>      However, Acrobat Reader shows it fine.

sometimes TeXShop does not give anything the first time and acrobat 
does ; next time
TeXShop works again. ????

I made my own quiz and the last problem is \{

\{ is correct if I don't use exerquiz. If I use it \{ is not correct 
even outside of the quiz.

many thanks
best regards

Marie-Claude David

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