[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

Martin Stokhof stokhof at hum.uva.nl
Thu Jun 20 11:56:57 EDT 2002

At 11:42 +0200 on 20/06/02, michel Bovani wrote:

>Try to add
>the line
>p +pbb.map
>in your config.ps file
>and the line
>map +pbb.map
>in your pdftex.cfg file
>Beware : more than one config.ps or pdftex.cfg file could exist in your
>installation : you have to modify the good files.

I changed the pdftex.cfg file in: 
(there were two others, but it turned out that I could leave those

>if your map entry is
>pbbr8r MBembo "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont " <8r.enc <pbbr8a.pfb
>You have to rename Bembo.pfb in pbbr8a.pfb or to modify the map file
>pbbr8r MBembo "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont " <8r.enc <Bembo.pfb

and made these changes, and then  pdftex recognized the fonts and
produced beautiful output!
(I guess I need to also change the config.ps file if I want to use
TeX and Ghostscript, but I haven't tried that out yet.)

Many thanks to everybody for your help.

There is one additional thing I would like to find out: my Bembo font
set contains a number of additional fonts, such as  oldstyle
nummerals fonts, a special small caps font, and various semi-bold
fonts. The pbb.map file (from xbembo) does not contain references to
these fonts. Is there an even more extended map file that does? If 
not, can anyone perhaps point out to me where I can find ou how to
let TeX access these additional fonts?

Thanks again,


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