[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Jun 20 12:12:47 EDT 2002

Martin said:
> There is one additional thing I would like to find out: my Bembo font
> set contains a number of additional fonts, such as  oldstyle
> nummerals fonts, a special small caps font, and various semi-bold
> fonts. The pbb.map file (from xbembo) does not contain references to
> these fonts. Is there an even more extended map file that does? If not, 
> can anyone perhaps point out to me where I can find ou how to
> let TeX access these additional fonts?

A chance for me to redeem myself for the previous misinformation/direction 
on the pbb / bembo font directory dichotomy (sorry 'bout that)

You want fontinst. It's available from ctan (get the new pre-release 
version, works fine and includes tons of documentation).

The (simple) answer to your question is found on pg. 11 of the manual.

You need a .tex file which feeds fontinst all of your properly named .afms 
as follows:
\input fontinst.sty
\latinfamily{pbbx}{}% creates a .vf set which uses the expert fonts for 
f-ligatures and small caps OR
\latinfamily{pbbj}{}% creates a .vf as above, but which also uses 
old-style figures

Then feed the .pl files to pltotf and the .vpl files to vptovf and move 
the resulting .tfm and .vf files to the appropriate places and up-date 
your map file and you should be set.


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