[OS X TeX] captions and references

mahakk mahakk at das-dock.de
Fri Jun 28 16:46:22 EDT 2002


i'm a bit confused... :)

i got a picture. like this:

	\caption[rekom 1]{rekom 1 -- 01.02.2002}

the output is

	[                              ]
	[            picture           ]
	[                              ]

	figure 1.1: rekom 1 - 01.02.2002

now i'd like to reference this picture in my text.
so i add


before \end{figure} and now i can reference this by


in my text.
all is well, except that in my output, i'd like to have the 
picture referenced by its automatically generated number, which 
is "figure 1.1" - not by the label i give it (i'd like to have 
"see figure 1.1 for details", not "see fig1 for details").

how do i achieve this, apart from labelling the figures by hand?

thanx in advance

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