[OS X TeX] Unicode to LaTeX conversion

Serge Cohen cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Thu Jun 27 11:16:44 EDT 2002

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Well indeed I'm writting a small tool which parses xml files (in UTF-8) 
and transform those in entry for BibTeX. It happens that I have accented 
characters in authors name, title...

I'm not sure BibTeX would be happy if input was UTF-8?

On top of that I'm using few "heavy" packages one of which is hyperref 
to have proper navigability in the PDF output (pdflatex used).
Do you think these kind of packages are Ok for Omega? (I've never tried 
it, and indeed I'm still not so experienced in LaTeX)


Le jeudi 27 juin 2002, à 05:05 , William Adams a écrit :

> Serge asked:
>> Does any one have some (free) source code to transform a unicode string
>> (holding roman type caracter) into a 7bit ascii string with escape
>> sequence for accent...
> Why not use Omega?
> William

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