[OS X TeX] Arial (or similar) font in TeX

Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Sun Jun 23 17:39:22 EDT 2002

At 22:40 Uhr +0200 23.06.2002, J.Huelsmann wrote:
> I am not sure but I think Arial is the same as Helvetica. (This must
> be some licence thing...)

No, it is definitely not. Compare the "R" in both fonts. It's very clear
here, but I could tell you in every example if the font used is Helvetica
or Arial...

Helvetica is a classic Sans-Serif font (which looks very very 80s like
today, imho), Arial is a font designed for screen display, which got very
popular, since it was delivered with Word by Microsoft, and obviously more
fashionable than Times New Roman to many people. It does quite a good job
on screen, but I would never use it in printed form.

This does not mean that anybody would recognize if Holger used Helvetica
instead of Arial though. But probably the sans serif form of the CM fonts
would do as well here!

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