[OS X TeX] Arial (or similar) font in TeX

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 23 18:50:20 EDT 2002

Le 23/06/02 23:39, « Matthias Damm » <osxtex at macpla.net> a écrit :

> At 22:40 Uhr +0200 23.06.2002, J.Huelsmann wrote:

> Helvetica is a classic Sans-Serif font (which looks very very 80s like
> today, imho), Arial is a font designed for screen display, which got very
> popular, since it was delivered with Word by Microsoft, and obviously more
> fashionable than Times New Roman to many people. It does quite a good job
> on screen, but I would never use it in printed form.

The problem is that helvetica is never embedded in ps or pdf files.

In pdf case, Acrobat reader will substitute... Arial for the screen, or for
printing. (unless urw versions of helvetiva were used for substitution at
pdftex step).

Michel Bovani

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