[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jun 19 23:01:24 EDT 2002

Hi William and Martin
>> -- /fonts/vf/adobe.bembo , with the .vf files from the bembo package
>                     ^^^^^
> That would be the difficulty, I believe. (not the . which is surely a
> typo, but the directory name, ``bembo'').
>> I ran texhash to update the various (sub)trees and then tried to
>> typeset a small test file. Alas, with no succes. From what I can see
>> in the .log file dvips can't find a file named "pbbb8r", although
>> there is a pbbb8r.tfm, in the /fonts/tfm/adobe/bembo directory.
> AIUI, one wants the directory name to match the font name (in accordance
> with the Karl Berry fontname scheme), so you want to put the pbbb8r.tfm
> file in the /fonts/tfm/adobe/pbb directory, and the other files in like
> directories (which is to say, rename your ``bembo'' directories to
> ``pbb''). Don't forget to re-up-date the filename database.

This is mistaken. The file should be named "bembo." Don't rename. The 
error lies elsewhere. Give me a few hours and I'll post.

Adrian Heathcote

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