[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

Martin Stokhof stokhof at hum.uva.nl
Thu Jun 20 05:04:08 EDT 2002

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I haven't got things  woprking 
yet. Here what I've done:

>You should not have done this. The tfm files are part of what you 
>have downloaded. You do not need to make them. (And you will not 
>make them as well using afm2tfm.)
>>Then I made the following subdirectories in the local ~/Library/texmf tree:
>>-- /fonts/tfm/adobe/bembo , which contains the .tfm files I 
>>produced from the afm files, and the. tfm files from the CTAN bembo 
>You only need theirs. But you should also download their bembo 
>package from the non expert archive. You want the union of the two 

I deleted the ones made with afm2tfm and placed all the distributed 
tfm's (from bembo en xbembo) in this location

>>-- /fonts/type1/adobe/bembo , which contains the .pfb files
>>-- /fonts/vf/adobe.bembo , with the .vf files from the bembo package
>All correct. (Though ditto for the union---as above).

as above


>But you have forgotten to load the .fd files as well as the style 
>files. You install these in the /tex/latex/bembo directory in the 
>same tree. (Make the bembo subdirectory.)

done that

>You then need to install a pbb.map file or update psfonts.map so 
>that pdftex knows where to find it. Gerben W. has posted on this in 
>the last two months or so. (You don't want it to disappear when 
>there is a tetex upgrade.)

I tried putting the pbb.map that comes with the xbembo package in 
various places:
- in my local tree in /dvips, in /dvips/config, in /dvips/psnfss
- in the system tree in /dvips/config
but to no avail, I keep getting the same "pbb8r not found" error

Then I looked at the pbb.map itself and noticed that it uses font 
names such as MBembo and MBembo-Bold whereas the corresponding .pfb 
files are called Bembo.pfb and BemboBol.pfb. So I thought it might be 
that, but changing the names in the pbb.map didn't make a difference. 
Last thing I tried was renaming the .pfb files, e.g. changing 
Bembo.pfd to pbbr8a.pfb Taking my clue from trhe pbb.map). That 
didn't work either: I still get the same error message.

Here my imagination fails me, I have no idea what to try next. So any 
comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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