[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jun 20 00:34:55 EDT 2002

Hi Martin

Font installation is a frustrating business, but you are almost there!
> Apologies for bothering you all with yet another problem concerning 
> font installation. I've followed various of the discussions concerning 
> this topic, and tried to guess from these discussions how to proceed, 
> but I still can not get my Adobe Bembo fonts (Bembo 1, Bembo 2, Bembo 
> Expert ) properly installed. This is what I've done.
> I downloaded the bembo package in xadobe from CTAN. And I ran afm2tfm 
> on the original afm files.

You should not have done this. The tfm files are part of what you have 
downloaded. You do not need to make them. (And you will not make them as 
well using afm2tfm.)
> Then I made the following subdirectories in the local ~/Library/texmf 
> tree:
> -- /fonts/tfm/adobe/bembo , which contains the .tfm files I produced 
> from the afm files, and the. tfm files from the CTAN bembo package

You only need theirs. But you should also download their bembo package 
>from the non expert archive. You want the union of the two sets.

> -- /fonts/type1/adobe/bembo , which contains the .pfb files
> -- /fonts/vf/adobe.bembo , with the .vf files from the bembo package

All correct. (Though ditto for the union---as above).
> I ran texhash to update the various (sub)trees and then tried to 
> typeset a small test file.

You do not need to run texhash.

But you have forgotten to load the .fd files as well as the style files. 
You install these in the /tex/latex/bembo directory in the same tree. 
(Make the bembo subdirectory.)

You then need to install a pbb.map file or update psfonts.map so that 
pdftex knows where to find it. Gerben W. has posted on this in the last 
two months or so. (You don't want it to disappear when there is a tetex 

Once that is done you are home and hosed!

Invoke xbembo in the preamble, and you are set.

Dr Adrian Heathcote

Department of Philosophy
University of Sydney
N.S.W. 2006
ph: 9351-2559

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