[OS X TeX] Another font installation question

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Jun 19 22:52:52 EDT 2002

Martin said:
(trying to install Bembo)
> Then I made the following subdirectories in the local ~/Library/texmf tree:
>-- /fonts/tfm/adobe/bembo , which contains the .tfm files I produced 
>from the afm files, and the. tfm files from the CTAN bembo package
>-- /fonts/type1/adobe/bembo , which contains the .pfb files
>-- /fonts/vf/adobe.bembo , with the .vf files from the bembo package

That would be the difficulty, I believe. (not the . which is surely a
typo, but the directory name, ``bembo'').

>I ran texhash to update the various (sub)trees and then tried to 
>typeset a small test file. Alas, with no succes. From what I can see 
>in the .log file dvips can't find a file named "pbbb8r", although 
>there is a pbbb8r.tfm, in the /fonts/tfm/adobe/bembo directory.

AIUI, one wants the directory name to match the font name (in accordance
with the Karl Berry fontname scheme), so you want to put the pbbb8r.tfm
file in the /fonts/tfm/adobe/pbb directory, and the other files in like
directories (which is to say, rename your ``bembo'' directories to
``pbb''). Don't forget to re-up-date the filename database.


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