[OS X TeX] Styles or macros for preparing posters, and how to use TeXShop for this

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Sun Jun 2 06:17:27 EDT 2002

Le dimanche 2 juin 2002, à 11:55 , Thomas Schröder a écrit :

> Why don't you extract the logos from Powerpoint? That's what I did and 
> could from then on compose my posters with LaTeX :-)
> This approach might also still be faster because you're spared from all 
> kinds of hassles due to Powerpoint, especially when it comes to 
> printing. LaTeX and friends give you very stable and trouble free 
> output, whereas this is one of Powerpoint's major weaknesses and not to 
> be underestimated in your schedule. When we did our first experiments 
> with posters, it took about 5 or 6 shots, until the poster came out 
> right from the printer. Needless to say that we were in a very tight 
> schedule, resulting in many a gray hair...

Thanks, I'll try this. However there're not only logos, but also a 
border. Originally I thought, naively, that it was possible to export 
all this from PowerPoint as a PS or PDF background for use in LaTeX; 
that might be possible, but I just don't know how to do it.

One problem is my version of PowerPoint is old; I'll get Office X at 
some point next week. Classic and native OS X applications definitely 
don't mix up so well, especially when fonts are involved: I more or less 
managed to import PDF files from LaTeX into Illustrator (also old) 
without losing fonts; however accents are lost, whatever I tried, and in 
French we use to use them a lot.

Speaking of tight schedules: my poster needs to be ready for printing 
first thing early tomorrow morning. Fortunately my hair are cropped 
quite short!

Bruno Voisin

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