[OS X TeX] Verbatim mode question...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 17 20:41:46 EDT 2002

Perchance, would anyone happen to know how to format a piece of 
verbatim text within, say, the \caption{} command in the figure 

Yes, I know this is a pure LaTeX question, but I am unable to find 
any sort of answer (I recall that it may be possible, but have search 
my own notes, the books I own, and a few FAQ documents without any 

I did take a peek at the code in "graphics.sty" ("draft mode" puts 
filename in place of placed graphics files in the current 
monospaced/tt font). However, not being a LaTeX programmer, I was 
unable to glean anything usable.

I did try using boxes and other variants of enclosing the verbatim 
text (I know that there is an issue with the verb/verbatim 
environment within other environments). For some reason, I have a 
feeling that the solution isn't too difficult, or impossible, and 
that I may have also known how to do this in the past....

Anyone feeling helpful? I will greatly appreciate any help offered. Thanks.


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