[OS X TeX] Equation Service needs a home

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Fri Jun 7 04:41:08 EDT 2002

>>>>> Doug Rowland <rowland at belka.space.umn.edu> (DR) writes:

DR> Is there anyone out there who has some spare bandwidth to host Equation
DR> Service? I had been serving it from my mac.com homepage, but Apple has
DR> lately put up bandwidth restrictions. It's about a 2-5 MB webpage
DR> including the downloads, and you might get a thousand hits or so over a
DR> several-day period, with very low traffic after that following each
DR> release (based on my limited previous experience).

I would suggest to offer it to CTAN. I am not sure where in the directory
structure it would fit, but I think it would be in support.

DR> B)  any Cocoa programmers out there?  The thing that hung me up with this
DR> release is trying to extract PDF info from RTFD files.  When TextEdit (or
DR> your favorite Cocoa app) calls Equation Service and inserts the PDF file
DR> into the appropriate space in the app window, it stores it in an RTFD file.
DR> I haven't spent a LOT of time trying to get the PDF info back (so that an
DR> "untypeset" service would be practical), so maybe there is some easy way
DR> that I am missing.

An RTFD file is actually a directory (a bundle). The equation from
Eq.service is stored in this directory as a TIFF image. So unfortunately
not in PDF form. It is a bitmap.
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