[OS X TeX] Equation Service needs a home

Troy D Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 10 14:52:53 EDT 2002

At 10:41 AM +0200 6/7/02, Piet van Oostrum wrote:
>  >>>>> Doug Rowland <rowland at belka.space.umn.edu> (DR) writes:
>DR> Is there anyone out there who has some spare bandwidth to host Equation
>DR> Service? I had been serving it from my mac.com homepage, but Apple has
>DR> lately put up bandwidth restrictions. It's about a 2-5 MB webpage
>DR> including the downloads, and you might get a thousand hits or so over a
>DR> several-day period, with very low traffic after that following each
>DR> release (based on my limited previous experience).
>I would suggest to offer it to CTAN. I am not sure where in the directory
>structure it would fit, but I think it would be in support.

Why not <http://sourceforge.net/> ?

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