[OS X TeX] howto do smart (double) quotes with texshop

Patrick Gundlach pg at levana.de
Wed Jun 19 14:03:43 EDT 2002

Bruno Voisin <Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr> writes:

Hello Bruno,

> I also do not completely agree. European languages are largely based
> on accents, and using
> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
> is the only way I know of writing accented letters directly with the
> keyboard (and thus of using European hyphenation patterns).

as far as I know, the input method (ä directly instead of "a or \"a)
has nothing to do with the hyphenation patterns. Any experts here?

> I thought at one point Unicode and Omega would solve this elegantly,
> but I never got myself to give Omega a try (is it still alive in any
> case?). 

There was a very impressive demonstration of omega on the last years
euroTeX (Kerkrade)

> The inability to write accents is the objection I get most often when
> trying to convince people from my research unit to use TeX. There are

My experience is that beginners find this really annoying (e.g. Gr"u"se
instead of Grüße). But this is probably getting off topic?


I'll fade into the darkness

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