[OS X TeX] Text looks ugly, maths don't!?

Julien Diard Julien.Diard at imag.fr
Wed Jun 5 09:04:07 EDT 2002

Hello all,

Sorry if this topic has been discussed to death already, but I can't seem to
find the info anywhere...

I use TexShop 1.19, standard install, on os X 10.1.4, freshly installed too,
iMac G4 800. The problem is have is that, in the pdf I generate with pdftex,
the text looks badly pixelized in the TexShop previewer, in the Preview, and
in Acrobat Reader. The figures look good, and so does the math formulas. It
prints fine, too.

But reading it in the preview is a pain... Anyone has any idea? Use other
fonts? Which ones? More importantly, how?

Another, less important problem, is that the "preview scaling preference"
seems broken, whatever the value I give here, the files always open at 100%.
Is that a known issue?

The last odd thing is related to iso latin encoding... When I transferred my
.tex files from my unix account, I found all characters with accents
garbled. The trick we finally found to fix this was to set the pref to
"macroman" encoding, open the garbled file, change the pref to isolatin, and
save the file. What's odd is that, to my mind, preferences are settings
which are only read at launch of a program (while in this case, I would have
preferred a menu or button saying "convert to isolatin", or some such.

Well, finally, I'd like to thank everyone in this list, and the programmers
involved in these awesome projects! Keep up the good work!

Julien Diard

Julien DIARD - PhD student

projet SHARP - laboratoire GRAVIR/IMAG -  UR INRIA Rhône-Alpes
  ZIRST - 655 avenue de l'Europe - 38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin
  Tel : (33) - Fax : (33)

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