[OS X TeX] Text looks ugly, maths don't!?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Jun 5 09:30:45 EDT 2002

Le mercredi 5 juin 2002, à 03:04 , Julien Diard a écrit :

> I use TexShop 1.19, standard install, on os X 10.1.4, freshly installed 
> too,
> iMac G4 800. The problem is have is that, in the pdf I generate with 
> pdftex,
> the text looks badly pixelized in the TexShop previewer, in the 
> Preview, and
> in Acrobat Reader. The figures look good, and so does the math 
> formulas. It
> prints fine, too.
> But reading it in the preview is a pain... Anyone has any idea? Use 
> other
> fonts? Which ones? More importantly, how?

Do you use T1 encoding? If so, that's normal, since in standard teTeX PS 
versions are provided only for CM fonts (OT1 encoding), not for EC fonts 
(T1 encoding). You must install cm-super fonts:


> Another, less important problem, is that the "preview scaling 
> preference"
> seems broken, whatever the value I give here, the files always open at 
> 100%.
> Is that a known issue?

 From a previous message by Richard Koch:

   Saving the preview magnification seems to work, but the interface
   is a little strange and needs improvement. After typing the new
   magnification, you must hit the button beside the box to make it
   "take." You cannot just change magnification and hit OK for the
   entire dialog.

I think this button is translated as "Rétablir" in the French version.

> The last odd thing is related to iso latin encoding... When I 
> transferred my
> .tex files from my unix account, I found all characters with accents
> garbled. The trick we finally found to fix this was to set the pref to
> "macroman" encoding, open the garbled file, change the pref to 
> isolatin, and
> save the file. What's odd is that, to my mind, preferences are settings
> which are only read at launch of a program (while in this case, I would 
> have
> preferred a menu or button saying "convert to isolatin", or some such.

Have you tried transferring your files with Fetch, I think (though I 
wouldn't swear by it) that it translates automatically from one encoding 
to another (in Text mode).

Otherwise did you try:


BTW, I think TeXShop changes its preferences immediately, except for 
files that are already open. Again, from a previous message by Rich Koch:

   Actually TeXShop changes preferences immediately. Our design is 
   flawed, making the pdflatex vs latex+ghostscript preference is a 
little confusing.
   The preference only determines the typesetting method when new files 
are opened.
   Changing the preference doesn't change the typesetting method for files
   which are already open.

   The idea here is that users can open several projects at once. Some may
   contain pdf illustrations and be typeset with pdflatex. Others may 
contain eps
   illustrations and be typeset with latex+ghostscript. When a project is 
   opened, the typesetting method is determined from the choice in 
   Later this method can be changed for that particular project using 
items in
   the "Typeset" menu.

Bruno Voisin

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