[OS X TeX] New TeX distributions (all installer mechanisms), TeX Live 7 binaries

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Jun 5 04:41:00 EDT 2002

Dear TeX-Users,

I have released an updated i-Package for TeX Programs (from TeX Live, 
identical with TL7 with one small fix - yes TL has not been pressed yet 
and I already have a small fix...). The complete TeX distributions 
(TeX.dmg, TeX-fat.dmg and the thinned TeX-thin.dmg) have also been 

Either use your *dedicated* i-Installer and update the TeX Programs 
i-Package (6MB download), or go to http://www.rna.nl/tex.html for links 
to the various installers.

My current TeX setup is --- next to TeX Live for the binaries and 
programs --- still based on the beta texmf tree that Thomas Esser 
released for teTeX 5 months ago with some fixes. He has recently 
released a new beta. I am using that now and will update the release 
when I return (to prevent that I have put something out while I am not 
there to catch problems with it).

Starting Friday I will be unavailable for roughly 10 days (party + 
honeymoon!). I announce this now (as I have updated the stuff and I 
don't want people to be surprised by what they get), but if you are not 
someone who can fix problems by him- or herself at the unix level, I 
advise to wait upgrading until I am back. After all, never fix something 
that is not broken.

Plans for when I return:
	- Release new teTeX texmf tree
	- If necessary, add support to texmf for programs that are part of 
TeX Live but not of teTeX
	- (maybe) i-installer package for font manipulation (add TeX stuff 
to ghostscript, maybe do something about Mac Fonts in TeX if possible)
	- Make i-Installer scriptable and add paper size setting to TeX 
	- Add directory service to i-Installer (get a list of available 
packages from a default location)
	- (maybe) a TeXConfig.app to manipulate formats, languages and 
paper sizes.
	- (maybe) added authentication requests when installing 
authentication-requiring i-Packages with i-Installer
	- and whatever people want added/changed, I'll consider.


PS. My TeX page http://www.rna.nl/tex.html has been updated with two 
friendly buttons where people can make donations through PayPal to 
support my efforts. Richard has generously shared the proceedings of the 
Apple Design Award that he won, but even then cost still outstrips 
'income'). As always: the software is free, it is not shareware, *no* 
licensing or payment is required. But donations are welcome (especially 
now ;-) and it has now become very easy to donate for those who are so 

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