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Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Jun 26 10:04:58 EDT 2002

Le mercredi 26 juin 2002, à 03:17 , William Adams a écrit :

> Alessandro asked:
>> I am trying to import a EPS file produced with Mathematica 4.1 in a tex
>> file which is compiled using TeXShop-teTeX.
>> I think I have to install some additional package
>> to see and print well the fonts included in the eps file.
>> Do you know how can I find some hints about it ?
> You want to typeset this using the GhostScript option (as opposed to
> pdfTeX). That'll allow TeX to put the files into a PostScript stream
> which is then distilled to .pdf---you may need to get and install the
> Mathematica fonts though.

Alternatively you may take the EPS files from Mathematica, and convert 
them to PDF by either:

- dragging them onto the TeXShop icon (which I put in the Dock);

- or launching Terminal and typing:

epstopdf file.eps

for each of them, or

apply epstopdf *.eps

if you get a directory with several of them. (If you use the Terminal 
solution, beware: do not put the EPS files in a folder to which the full 
path name includes spaces somewhere in the hierarchy (for example in a 
folder name), these spaces are converted to backslash-space when you 
drag the folder onto the Terminal window and the esptopdf script thinks 
it's called with several arguments.)

Then you may import the PDF files in a TeX file in TeXShop-teTeX in 
pdfTeX mode. I'm doing it quite often, for graphics created in 
Mathematica. These graphics are plots, for which the only font is 
Courier, used for putting the numbers along the plot axes. I never 
experienced problems with font inclusion, but again the only font I 
dealt with so far is Courier.

Hopefully the next version of Mathematica will generate PDF files 
directly. In Mathematica I also tried the command:

Export["file.pdf", graphics]

but couldn't get the image size I wanted (that produced by "Save 
Selection As EPS..." then "esptopdf"). Maybe I should have tried:

Export["file.pdf", graphics, ImageSize -> 288]

Bruno Voisin

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