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William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Jun 26 09:17:55 EDT 2002

Alessandro asked:
>I am trying to import a EPS file produced with Mathematica 4.1 in a tex 
>file which is compiled using TeXShop-teTeX.
>I think I have to install some additional package
>to see and print well the fonts included in the eps file.
>Do you know how can I find some hints about it ?

You want to typeset this using the GhostScript option (as opposed to
pdfTeX). That'll allow TeX to put the files into a PostScript stream
which is then distilled to .pdf---you may need to get and install the
Mathematica fonts though.

>Off Topic: a friend of mine is trying to do the same using textures,
>but even if he downloaded and installed
>the Mathematica and Textures package from Gray's site,
>the final result is not good (the fonts are not
>well displayed on the video and are not printed well).

You're see a lousy bitmap preview which problem was solved in 1989 w/
Display PostScript, but no one bought the $10,000 boxes, and when we had
a second chance at it, Adobe, Quark, et. al., weren't willing to
re-write their programs (and Adobe renegged on providing Display
PostScript), so we're back in the stone age. (Quartz is nice, but it
pales somewhat in comparison to what DPS offered, to say nothing of the
delay involved in creating it as a replacement) 

>Do you know if there's some another step to do ?

Yes, two. Wait for Blue Sky to do a Mac OS X version of Textures and
convert the files to .pdf (say by installing pStill.app to act as a .eps
-> pdf filter)

Or, get a PostScript printer or interpreter of some sort (distilling the
files to .pdf will solve this as well) so that one gets the underlying
graphics / text, not the lousy bitmap.

(who has been looking at clunky bitmap preview (long story) in Textures
in Mac OS 9.1 for days now, and is experiencing eyestrain and stress,
and desparately wishes his sister would send him his Color NeXT Slab so
he could use it at work)
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