[OS X TeX] Re: More about Adobe fonts...

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 12 07:51:36 EDT 2002

Le 11/06/02 15:43, « Xoán Pedracova » <xpedra at mac.com> a écrit :

> Hi everybody.
> I guess this is  a question  for designers rather than programers
> but, may anyone suggest me the most suitable tt and sf fonts for the
> roman Adobe Garamond?

It's rather difficult... AGaramond is a XVIth century reviewal, so there is
no good choice.

Try Syntax (or Gill sans) for the sf family and Letter Gothic for the tt

> Are Courier and Helvetica a good set? By the way,
> since I began to use the Adobe Garamond font I have noticed the 12pt
> size font is smaller for this typeface  than the CMR 12pt one. Is it
> usual?

It's quite normal for a Garamond... Of course, it becomes impossible to use
cm in math, and adobe garamond in text... If you want maths, you have to
install Adobe Garamond math fonts with fontinst...

Michel Bovani

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